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  5. "The world's population"

"The world's population"

Translation:La población mundial

March 24, 2018



"La población del mundo" was marked incorrect. Does anybody know why? Or should it be reported?


I'm reporting it too. Not to be pedantic, but "the world's population" is a possessive which led me to "...del mundo," whereas "the world population" makes more sense to me as "...mundial." I might be wrong though


At the end of the day the criterion for a good translation is what a native speaker of the target language would say when needing to express the same concept as that expressed in the original language.

And it happens to be the case that this English version and this Spanish version happen to be the most common means of expressing the relevant concept. Certainly didn't know this before, but I was curious why the grammar didn't match myself.


Report it. It's just a less commonly-used option.


"La población del mundo" was marked incorrect. It is obviously not wrong.


Same thing happened to me.


... es demasiado grande.

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