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Denne/Dette and Den/Det

Hi all,

I cannot really get a grasp of when to use Denne/Dette and when Den/Det in danish.

For example :

Toget har passeret denne station.

Den her film er som en hvirvelvind i dit hoved.

Any suggestions and tips ?

March 24, 2018



The difference is her/der after den/det/de makes the demonstrative much more colloquial, especially when preceding a noun. In addition, the "her" after den/det/de indicate it is near the speaker, while "der" indicates something away at a greater distance from the speaker. Even denne (her/der), dette (her/der), disse (her/der) exist.


Close but not entirely correct!
"denne" is our one word version of "den her" = "this"(c)
and equally "dette" = "det her" = "this"(n) and "disse" = "de her" = "these". While "den/det/de der" mean "that/those"

So it might seem redundant to say "denne her" and contradicting to say "denne der" since they literally translate to "this here" and "this there" respectively.

But they have a special meaning. and her/der do no longer refer to the distance, but instead whether you touch the item or not (but instead directs attention to by either looking or pointing at)".

"denne her" means "this item which I touch", and "denne der" means "this item which don't touch".

The item that you touch might be farther from you than the item you don't touch.
So "der" might be closer than "her", when used with "denne/dette/disse"

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