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How to pronounce Chinese characters correctly?

Hello I am new to mandarin, and I am having a hard time with pronunciation. If you have any advice or tips that can help, please do share!

Also, what is the best way to memorize the characters? :D

Thank you

March 24, 2018



You may know this already but: Each character has one of four tones. (1st=high, 2nd=low to high, 3rd=falling-rising, 4th=low)

And to borrow from Lingdeer:


Also a good tip if you want to write good Chinese, learn the stroke order of the characters. The should draw each line of a symbol in the right order. But once you have learned enough, it is easier to guess the order of the lines)


Practice with flash cards, recordings, and write. Rewrite the words over and over to ingrain them in your head. Watch movies in chinese, that way you can pick up on accents and correct pronunciation, and practice with a partner even if they don't speak it. Just forming your mouth and saying the words will help you get used to talking with the correct accent. Chinese is not like english, the language is spoken in the middle of your mouth like you have food in your mouth. Listening to native speakers will help you pick up the correct accent.

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