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  5. "I play the guitar."

"I play the guitar."

Translation:Ich spiele Gitarre.

March 24, 2018



what is the difference between guitars? bass... 5 string... eletric, how doi say those?


(die) Gitarre is a typical guitar.

(der) Bass or (die) Bassgitarre is a bass.

(die) E-Gitarre is an electric guitar. You could also use (die) elektrische Gitarre, which is literally 'electric guitar'.

There quite some terms for guitars with 5 strings. I found "(die) fünfsaitige Gitarre" (literally '5-stringy guitar'), "(die) Fünf-Saiten-Gitarre" (literally 'guitar with 5 strings', but as a compound word) or "(der) 5-Saiter".

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