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What things in Japan are you interested in?

I'm Japanese.

I have started studying English.

I would like to know why you study Japanese.

What things in Japan are you interested in?

March 24, 2018



Honestly, everything. The history, culture, food, pop culture (anime, manga, video games, etc.), and, most of all, the language. I started learning Japanese two years ago for no real reason, but since then I've fallen in love with the language and culture.


I started learning for exactly the same reasons, Japan is an amazing country. #japan4lyf


I started studying because I wanted to play japanese games that weren't in English. I also really like Japanese music.


Culturally I find Japan fascinating. I actually started becoming interested in Japan when I was younger and my dad introduced me to Anime. I read more about the food, technology, folk traditions and other things about the country as I got older and I would love to visit when I get the chance.


I love reading manga. :)


I seriously love the sushi


I have had students from Japan in my classes, as a student peer and as a teacher. My sister-in-law is Japanese and when her parents came to visit I wished I could welcome them and have a small conversation. That got me started. I also have a friend who studies "special education" in Japan. I'd like to understand the education system there better.


I have always had a lingering interest in The Far East and Japan in particular. I like the culture and many good things come from Japan such as games and music. I have also practiced Kyokushin karate though that was quite some time ago now.

I also like languages in general and so Japanese felt sort of a natural choice for me.


I'm interested in Japan because of
1. the fascinating culture it has, and the complicated history that my place of birth and my long-term place of residence both share with it,
2. I've always wanted to visit and/or stay there, particularly in the Kyoto area where someone I greatly respect stayed for a year and sent gorgeous pictures from,
3. a writer who has greatly influenced me lived there, and some of the best research and writings on him have been written by Japanese scholars,
4. several Japanese art forms and artists are some of my favorite,
5. while certain aspects of the Japanese diet/cuisine have never appealed to me, others I love and could eat every day,
6. I've had many Japanese friends and would like to understand them better, both from the language aspect and from the cultural or national psyche perspective.


I have always been fascinated by Japanese culture, even as a kid. It probably started with some clichés like Samurai and Ninja, but as I grew older, I started to appreciate all aspects of the history and culture. I like the alternative rock music from Japan, some horror movies, Mangas like Battle Royale, Crying Freeman...

I also got really into the Meiji-period and always found it interesting how Japan managed to isolate itself for so long and to develop a language that is not really connected to other ones while still taking Kanji from China.

I took a language course in University and really dug learning a language that was nothing like any of the European languages I learned before. Then, last year, I finally went to Japan for the first time in my life and it was so much more than I could have ever imagined. The asthetic, the food, the air, the people, even the Hyaku-Yen shops. It was honestly the best trip I have ever taken (and I traveled quite a bit). I will definitely go back and my interest has only grown bigger.


To be honest, Ive always kind of had this image of Japan that its a foreign exotic land/culture where you can observe (this is all acording to my imagination) the difference between the old traditions and a new world full of technology, so on one side you would have all the temples, the social quirks, the arquitecture and traditional cuisine,the whole "edo era" mystique with all the "samurai" etc history, which I guess is romanced in american culture as well. And on the other side you have all the robots ,street full of lights and nightlife, the arcades,the videogame industry rising,the anime etc.... So in my mind japan has always looked like a pretty interesting and unique place altho I dont know how acurate is the picture I have of it. So yea having access to certain links to the culture on a regular basis (like certain restaurants, games , or tv shows/movies) I guess it made sense to make my next language japanese, also I wanted to try learning a language with a different alphabet to those i already knew.


I am interested in otaku and moe culture.

I study Japanese for being able to understand works that have little chance of being translated due to lack of interest or cultural barriers, and to get closer to the characters I love.

I also prefer Japanese music (notably dempa-song), and enjoy some aspects of the language in itself.


I really like how the language sounds! I want to be able to watch shows, listen to music and maybe one day travel to Japan!


I really love their culture !!


For a Mandarin speaker from Taiwan, it is quite interesting to know the meaning of Kanji from another culture, especially Taiwanese people have been influenced a lot from Japanese culture since long time ago. I love the art culture, manga, drama, food, etc. BTW I found this website is really useful and efficient for me to learn Japanese. So far, the logic and ways to build a Japanese sentences are more important for me than writing down the characters.


日本の歴史、平安時代から幕末時代。NHK 大河ドラマ、時代劇ドラマ、ビデオゲーム、武道、格闘技。




I began learning Japanese because I've really wanted to travel there, and when I told my dad we made a deal: if i can learn Japanese, one day he'll take me. One of the places I want to go visit when I get there is Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari! There's lots of others but i'm very excited about that one in particular


To help me watch anime without needing translation! :3 To listen to japanese songs and understand them, to get japanese jokes. The other reasons are 1, I enjoy learning new languages, and the other one is I would like to one day visit the Country.


I started learning Japanese because I love anime, but then I started to enjoy much more about Japan (food, music, places, etc.) and have started learning the language so that I can hopefully travel to Japan soon!


To read light novels. It takes ages for the English translations to come out.

[deactivated user]

    Hi there. Swedish person here. I started learning Japanese last year because I am fascinated by Japan. I haven't yet visited Japan, but I've long been wanting to go - it just hasn't happened yet, but it soon will. It soon will!

    I'm a history buff in general, and Japanese history is very fascinating, and I love the nature of Japan, as far as I've seen it in films and pictures, and traditional culture and all that, so there is a lot that appeals to me. I've long had an interest in 浮世絵 (old Japanese prints) and so on.

    When I go to Japan, I want to be able to get as much out of the "genuine Japan" as is possible for a 外国人... Not just getting shuttled around with sightseeing buses. I realize this is always going to be a challenge for a foreigner, and I realize my Japanese is never going to be truly good, but I feel like I want to learn Japanese as best I can, at least.

    That's why I started learning Japanese, but then, once I started, I discovered how much fun it is to learn this language! :) Part of the fun is that it is so very different from my own language, so it sort of feel like being a 5 year old, just delving into the mysteries of a language I had no expectations to actually being able to understand and speak one day!

    On the other hand, it is not TOO different, not like a tonal language like Chinese... I'd love to speak Chinese, but I feel it is just too weird with these tonal shifts carrying meaning and so on and I don't think I could possibly ever learn it to any meaningful degree. With Japanese, on the other hand, I get a language with a different grammatical structure from what I am used to, but one that I still feel can be figured out through "logic and practice" similar to a Indo-European language.

    My current plan is to take a shorter trip in the late fall, and then perhaps go for longer next year, perhaps to study Japanese full-time for a month or so in Japan, life permitting.

    [deactivated user]

      Because of anime and manga. I noticed that I hear Japanese language too much when I am watching anime. Although I like Re: Zero novell and I am unsure if it ever will be completely translated to my native language. So I think it is good point to me to start learning Japanese. Also it helps me to learn English because many Japanese education material is for English speakers. So I learn Japanese and English in the same time.


      I enjoy visiting Japanese gardens and tea houses.


      Rich culture, a sexy language, very beautiful women, good food, nice beer, civilized society, interesting history and religion (mainly Shinto), nice people etc.

      A big bonus is to be able to understand Babymetal lyrics etc. ;)


      I'm learning because someday, I hope to musically perform there. I also have been a gigantic fan of Nintendo my entire life. I have never been a fan of anime, but I actually have found I kind of like it and really hope to be able to watch anime (Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, etc.) in Japanese, and I believe that would make it more enjoyable, and I'd watch it how the creators intended. :) What makes you want to learn English? (P.S. your English is looking great!!)


      Went to Japan twice and... Their manners, they had to be one of the or the only well mannered peoples around. . and Salmon ^^


      I want to be able to read mangas in japanese :)


      I like the sound and the script the most out of all East Asian languages. Other than that, every picture I see of all the areas are amazing. Pictures always make me want to travel there.


      Well, it definitely started with anime and manga for me. My brother and I were really into those, and into Nintendo and what not. From there on, I seemingly developed a passion for its culture. Apart from loving the food and still being into anime, I find Japan an incredibly potent and interesting place in historical, literary, social and cultural terms. I'm actually sort of planning on doing Japanese Studies at university, and of course, learning the language is a massive part of that. I was actually just curious about the language, so I started on Duolingo and now I'm hooked!


      Well, I used to watch anime. I don't know. I read some manga, now I just am interested in culture, language and history and I believe learning Japanese, at a later point, will aid me in learning Korean.


      Originally, I wanted to learn Japanese because I like anime and video games, and I would like to play Japanese games before they release in my country. But there are many other reasons as well.

      I love many things about Japanese history, especially the history of clothing and swords. I also love flowers and gardening, and Japan has many beautiful gardens that I would love to visit. I want to study Japanese so I can communicate when I visit Japan one day!


      We are moving to Japan in August to live there. So we want to communicate with locals.

      I am always excited to "understand, feel, smell and taste" a new country. - Why things are like they are? - How do things work there? - How do people think about their lives - To explore the county on a motorbike.


      The culture, the idea of mixing different parts of the brain, gastronomic reasons... and maybe if ever go to Japan, why not?


      I love the food and the pop culture


      I adore Japan and it's culture. Everything about it is so stunning to me. I love to travel to Japan to get to experience everything. From the kindness of the people to all the delicious snacks as well as going to Anime and Gaming stores. ((I also love DisneySea. It's by far one of the best parks!))


      I've loved video games and anime my entire life. I've been learning Japanese off and on for a few years now but have only recently really dedicated myself to it. I'd love to travel to Japan soon and be able to hold conversation, in addition to being able to consume Japanese media in its native language!

      [deactivated user]

        Good luck with your studying. I saw a photo of Mount Fuji - This is where my journed began - so much to learn about this awesome country.


        Because I like Japanese:)


        I LOVE Japanese music, Nintendo, anime, and sushi!


        My interest in the language first started with a lot of the music. I really enjoy Vocaloid songs but I never understood any of the Japanese songs. After a few months of DuoLingo though, I've started picking up words here and there ^~^ I hope to one day be experienced enough to either translate Japanese songs or sing songs in Japanese fluently!

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