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Is there a reason why the Duolingo mobile app is "too casual" compared to the desktop version?

I don't want to come off as one of those people who complains all the time ,because really, DuoLingo has made me VERY successful thus far in learning French, Russian and Polish. I just want to vent out my thoughts and see if anybody else shares the same concerns.

I feel like that the desktop exercises are vastly superior to the exercises you get on the app, simply because they actually let us type out our sentences. Sure, there are a few exercises like that on the app, but most of it is matching and stuff.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad app, but I found that after a few weeks of using the mobile app, i wasn't really able to retain the vocabulary I learned in the app as well as I have in the desktop version

Now, you guys might tell me to just use the desktop then. But the problem is that I am not home all the time and I'm generally more comfortable on my phone than I am on the desktop ;00

Merci pour lis mon litre <3

March 24, 2018



I like the fact that in the app, I don't have to type as much because I don't like typing on the phone. I'm much more comfortable with typing on my laptop.

On your phone, you don't have to use the app. You can enter your courses in the web version, too. :-) You just open an internet browser, go to duolingo.com, give the same credentials as on your laptop and in your app, and then you can use the web version on your phone.


Do you know if they will let you without saying, 'Here, just get the app instead'?


I have never got such a message. I'm using the web version on my phone regularly because I follow the forums on the phone when I'm not at home. And I can switch between the forums and the language courses easily (it's a stack of bars in the upper right-hand corner that allows switching between courses, forums, profile etc).

EDIT: I just tried it (because I don't use the web version for courses): I switched from the forum view to "courses", entered my Spanish-from-English course and started strengthening. No problems, no messages.


Awesome! I should try that, then!


Good point! I never thought of it like that :) Thank youuu ^_^


Wow, I had no idea you could access the app from the mobile browser and do this. You are a life saver, thank you so much ^-^


You're welcome. :-)


Sometimes I find the app more helpful when I'm studying hard concept or having a "bad brain day" but in general I really do prefer the Desktop version overall. It's harder, provides timed practice and has the tips and notes.


I think the answer to your question is that the mobile app favors less typing to make it more appealing. Mobile devices are more difficult and time consuming to type on compared to a traditional keyboard. So the mobile app has more content suitable for that kind of device.


I like using both! I find the variety in the lessons keeps it interesting. The app often reviews vocal from earlier lessons and helps keep it fresh in my mind. The desktop can be more challenging - primarily because I think sometimes the sentences are more complex.


I find that too.

I generally do new skills on the app, and once I get better, do review on the computer, for this reason.


I've noticed this too, and I hope Duo comes out with a difficulty level feature. But sometimes I like how "easy" the mobile version is, so I can practice when standing in line somewhere, or doing something that would otherwise require at least partial attention.

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