Translation:the Klingon vowel a

March 24, 2018



When you click on 'at, there's a graphical error on mobile (Google pixel 2) so you can't see the definition. Same thing with 'ut and 'oH and other 2 letter words.


It's one of the known problems that the programmers are supposedly working on. It's actually a problem with the initial ' and not related to the length of the word. Check out this post: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26778885


Thanks! I hope they figure it out quickly cause it's really frustrating to have to guess what a new word means.


I wouldn’t hold my breath; the programmers have a lot on their plate and I’m not sure how close to the top of their to-do list this particular problem is.

Until then, some resources are:

  • Reading the tips and notes for each unit (not only do these contain invaluable explanations of the grammar, the tips and notes for the first few units also mention most words that begin with an apostrophe and give a translation)
  • guessing the meaning and then looking at the correction
  • looking up the word in The Klingon Dictionary (which any serious scholar of Klingon should have), in Klingon for the Galactic Traveler, or in the KLI “new words” list https://www.kli.org/about-klingon/new-klingon-words/ — together, that should cover the entirety of known canonical Klingon vocabulary
  • using the boQwI’ app for Android or iOS to look up the word


Thanks so much! I got the boQwI' app and I'm loving it.


They seem to have managed to fix this for Hawaiian words like 'Ae. Hope they get round to fixing the Klingon words too :-)


They use a special character instead of an apostrophe. It has caused a lot of problems with people who can't access the needed special character and try to use regular apostrophes. To use their trick in the Klingon course we would need to open a new tree and retype every instance of the qaghwI' in the entire course. That may be the eventual solution we use, but don't expect that to be completed any time soon.


I just stumbled on a little bug, and went to report it using the "REPORT" button, but it doesn't fit into any of the report categories that you have to select from. So, I'm going to say it here:

I put ' (the apostrophe) as the answer, which is of course wrong. But I was marked correct, because Duolingo assumes (at least in some situations) that if you're one letter off from the real answer, you just made a typo. That's often a good assumption, but... not when the answer is itself one letter.


All true and nothing we can do about it.

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