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"You do not have to be so formal."

Translation:No tienes que ser tan formal.

March 24, 2018



As a Spanish learner I can imagine times when estar is appropriate for this translation e.g. You don’t have to be so formal (with my friends only with my co-workers.) I’m not referring to how one should dress, but rather how one would act. Would a native Spanish speaker never use estar? It wasn’t accepted by Duo in my response: No tienes que estar tan formal.


tú no tienes que ser tan formal.....not accepted...frustrating


This seems to be a good example of subtle differences between ser and estár. Is formal a personality characteristic or a temporary condition.


I tried "No tienes que estar tan formal" which was counted incorrect.


Yes, when you want to imply formal as a characteristic or manners, then you say "ser formal". However, if you want to use formal as in dressing, then you simply use the verb "vestir"


When is tanto/a used and when is tan used?


I figured this out; tanto/a: as much, tan: as/so


Why the que? I put "tú no tienes ser tan formal" and it was marked wrong.


"Tener + que + infinitive" is the way to say "Have + to + infinitive" in Spanish, "No tienes ser" sounds weird, like "You don't have be".


Don't see why you can't use "tu"...

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