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  5. "We enter the refrigerators."

"We enter the refrigerators."

Translation:Entriamo nei frigoriferi.

March 21, 2013



The amount of times I've had to say this in Italian, I'd be lost without Duolingo ;)


What is the plural of frigo?


The plural is "frigo" too


"Frigo" is the same of "frigorifero", the plural is "frigoriferi"


Under "Correct answers" is also included, at least in my case, "Entriamo i frigoriferi". If anyone else reads it: that's definitely wrong. Subject + entrare + object isn't grammatically acceptable (even though some few italians actually use it). I am also quite confused by the fact someone would enter in a fridge :/


Actually if you are in a restaurant or similar the area where the cold stuff is kept could be referred to as a refrigerator, just a very big one and is walk in. It's important to make sure that you can't get locked in it though.


I agree, apparently they are referring to a "walk in fridge" here (we wouldn't enter an actual fridge, right? ;) ), but in my opinion that's not correct English. Normally the word "cold room" or "meatlocker" would be used for such a refrigerator, so I'd say the sentence in this form is a bit misleading in a language class.


I would use fridge as a native english speaker (Irish/British English)


I worked for a restaurant and we called the meatlock just walk in


i don't think that the reference is to a walk-in. i think it's just a poor rendering in english. certainly, in the midwest US it would be awkward, even if you were talking about a walk-in refrigerator. in the US commercial refrigerators are usually referred to as 'walk-ins' if they can be entered. here is a line i copied from the company RestaurantSupply. " Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers allow you to store food product in bulk. Many models are designed to hold rolling racks or mobile shelving."


In italy a large walkin would be called a cella frigo


Although I misspelled the verb, I did type in "i frigoferi" but DL insisted that the correct answer was "nei frigoferi". So I'm a bit confused. If the verb means "enter" and the sentence to be translated just says "enter the" (and not "enter into the"), why would you write "nei"?


Because the convention in italian is to enter into rooms, etc. not just to enter


I wrote exactly the same but got it wrong too. Was told "nei" instead!


Must have been fixed as I was marked wrong for same construction.


Unless... you insert or fit a fridge into a truck, let's say. (R)entrer, in French, can also mean to insert or to fit. With a direct object. But I am not sure it is the same in Italian.


For that specific case you would commonly use ''inseriamo''=we insert, or simply ''mettiamo''=we put.


I had that but I got it wrong. Why is i frigorigeri wrong? Why does it have to be nei?


I think it may be the big ones supermarkets or butchers have .Or, maybe as we would say look in the fridge ? It would make sense if it was 'it' goes in the fridge . Just thinking out loud


Is there a shortened version of "frigorifero", like we have the word "fridge" in English?


Of course. It's (il) frigo.

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Why can't I say "Noi entriamo NEGLI frigoriferi?... What's the difference between nei and negli? (thanks!)


'gli' is the plural of the masculine singular article 'lo'. 'Lo' is used if the word begins with -gn, ps, pn, s+consonant, x, y, or z. (Examples: lo zio, lo studio, lo zaino, gli gnocchi, lo pneumatico etc.)


you must also use the article "gli" with masculine plural nouns beginning with a vowel
- gli alberi (the trees)
- gli uomini (the men)


if that is the case, then 'gli' wouldn't apply before 'frigoriferi' because it does not start with any of those letters.

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That makes perfect sense now. Thanks!


such a weird sentence.


I agree with you...


Are there cases in Italian when "entrare" does not require "in" or another preposition? Thanks.


The verb "entrare" almost always requires a preposition or an articulated preposition.
- Vietato entrare senza(1) le adeguate protezioni (It is forbidden to enter without adequate protections)
(1) improper preposition

Except in imperative (exhortative) form
- Fammi entrare! (let me in!)
- Non entrare! (not enter!)
- Lascia entrare i bambini! (let the children in!)


And why would you entrr a fridge anyway? Unless you're a talking cat - ah!


Sure, it's freaking hot!!


They must be some big refrigerators.....


my office is like a giant fridge so I could say entro nel frigo ogni giorno lol


I nostri gatti provano ad entrare nel nostro frigorifero di grandezza normale quasi ogni giorno!


Fraternity hazing?


In Australian bottle shops (l'alcol) there are huge fridges for keeping la birra molto fredo and you can walk into them to collect a slab (carton) of beer to buy at the checkout. Also good for white wine.


Why does not it provide the sentence: "We enter in the refrigerators"? I thought it meant something like we enter the refrigerators to the warehouse which is more reasonable. I did not think of putting "nei" in the Italian translation because of the absence of "in" in the English sentence.


Would be nice to have a clue as to why we have to include nei. It doesn't say we enter into the refrigerators


nei = in+i = in the
in English you say "I enter the gardens", in italian "i̶o̶ ̶e̶n̶t̶r̶o̶ ̶i̶ ̶g̶i̶a̶r̶d̶i̶n̶i" is WRONG.
in italian you must say "io entro nei giardini"


Why can i say "Lui entra dentro casa mia" but not "Entriamo dentro i frigoriferi"?


1]"Entrare d̶e̶n̶t̶r̶o casa" and 2]"Entrare d̶e̶n̶t̶r̶o i frigoriferi" are two grammatically wrong sentences but commonly used in italy.
So they are perfectly understandable but would be more correct without "dentro"  
1]entrare in casa, 2]entrare nei frigoriferi

The same thing happens with:
- uscire f̶u̶o̶r̶i sul balcone (to go out on the balcony)
- salire s̶u in soffitta (to go up to the attic)
- scendere g̶i̶ù in cantina (to go down to the cellar)


Good point pierugofoz In my mother tongue if one does say something like that,we call it "buttery butter" on another hand people fall down not up


Why on earth you enter it?


I think we should use "negli" when we're talking about plural masculine form of the word which starts with either a vowel letter or if it starts with "s"+another consonant letter. In all other ways of masculine plural form we should use "nei". That's how I understand it. But I can mistake, I'm not a native speaker.


Is this stupid sentence intended as a joke, or just to get us to switch off and do something else?


There are such things as walk in refrigerators. You may never need to use this sentence, but I suspect you can break it down and replace refrigerator with something more common like van, or house.


I used to work at a blood bank and there was a huge walk-in refrigerator where the units of blood were stored.


Such unusual sentences like this and grammar constructions which they contain are remembered for a long time!! And, as Athmel and someone else said above, there are big industrial refrigerators you can really enter inside!:)


Harold Wonham stavo pensando la stessa cosa, pericolosoooo , lol


and if you enter two refridgerators in the house then it is entriamo i frigoriferi. Too answer giuliaff, unless it's a walk-in refridgerated room, I dont believe too many people walk into their fridges. However when moving you could enter 2 fridges


"e̶n̶t̶r̶i̶a̶m̶o̶ ̶i̶ ̶f̶r̶i̶g̶o̶r̶i̶f̶e̶r̶i̶" is wrong in all situations
you could say:
- portiamo dentro i due frigoriferi! (let's bring the two refrigerators inside!)


Why 'nei' instead of 'nel'?


In + i = nei, in + il = nel

So basically because it's plural, multiple refrigerators.


Sometimes i have to wonder about these sentences... I mean what are the odds???


Not sure where I would comment, but my place in the Ruby League is not advancing no matter how lessons I complete. Stuck at 308


How's it going now, Rich? Nil desperandum.


..into a race? Is this the royal "we"? It seems odd to enter more than one refrigerator at once...or is that not the odd part of this sentence?


"nei" is not in the hints. I answered: Entriamo il frigoriferi . il is the the hints.


Is this a "JOKER" reference?


Well, seemingly the editors are not familiar with AC


This happened in a Punky Brewster episode, right?


Ah, the famous catchphrase of Indiana Jones.


I thought nei is into. The English is simply 'in' not into.


“nei“ is “in”


“in + i”= “nei”—-> “in” (“in the”)


Can we say in instead of nei? Thank you


Why will you enter the fridge?


I don't understand anything. My english is very poor but I think that the mean of the question is: "Entriamo i frigoriferi" not "Entriamo nei frigoriferi", here I understand that "we enter in the refrigerators". If anyone have another explanation I wait for that.

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