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  5. "去澳大利亚留学的费用高吗?"


Translation:Is the cost of studying abroad in Australia high?

March 24, 2018



'Are the costs of studying in Australia high?' should be accepted, it's more logical that way, as there probably are more things than one that cost.


Cost here covers every expense of studying in Australia as a student, and can extend to living expenses besides such things as tuition fees.


Both answers should still be accepted, though.


留学 does mean "to study abroad". As for the English sentence, may be it would have been better to use "as a foreign student" or something like that. This way or the other, the important thing is to remember "留学" as "to study abroad" or "to study as a foreign student".


Does it cost a lot to study abroad in Australia?


Personally, I would translate your version as either "很贵吗" or "要花很多钱吗". If both ways exist in either language, its because both languages differentiate between the meaning, and thus the sentences shouldn't be interchangeable, though they may be used in similar situations. By this standard, even my "很贵吗" is veering a bit too far.


Good explanation, I find this one of the better English translations.


The 'studying abroad in Australia' grinds my ears - the word abroad is redundant. Also, the meaning of 'abroad' is implied even without using the word. Either you live outside Australia and then it's obvious that it's abroad, when you ask about it, or you live in Australia and then you do not use 'abroad', because it is not, in fact, abroad. Except, of course, if citizens of one Australian state would refer to other Australian states as 'abroad', in which case this sentence would make sense as it is, but that idea sounds funny to me and, additionally, I would highly doubt you can find that kind of catch in this course.


@Karolina - the fact that English does not have a corresponding word or phrase equivalent to 留学, does grind peoples' ears. So the easy way out is to blame it on Chinese and trivialise the Chinese phrase. Brilliant.


I'm Australian, it does irk me a bit each time I have to answer this question.

Also, yes its quite expensive.


Is the cost for studying abroad in Australia high?


"Are the costs of studying abroad in Australia high?" still not accepted. Reported 4th December 2018.


Reported again 19th February 2019.


"Is the cost of studying abroad high in Australia?" should be accepted...


Is it ok if we replace 费用 by 用费?


Negative, there's no this word, or maybe it's used in some area I don't know.

費用=花費, maybe can replace, cause 花費 can be both verb or noun.


Is the cost of going to Australia to study abroad high? seems like a more literal translation but is rejected.


@Charles - cost of going to Australia is not high. You can always get cheap airfares on budget airlines. Any other observations?


How about "Does it cost a lot to study abroad in Australia?"


"Is the cost high to study abroad in Australia?" got rejected. It seems correct.


How high is the cost of studying abroad in Australia? why not?


Because the Chinese sentence is a Yes/No question. Not a "how much" question .

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