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Reached French Level 10! + some problems/questions I have

I've been trying to grind French for the past week, I got my Junior Certificate Mock back and got a 26% and that scared some sense into me.

I think I'm going as a good pace but I'm getting a little stuck with vocab and noticed that as soon as I got to the questions section I started getting a lot wrong. Is this normal? Should I go back over everything until I'm maximum level on everything or should I get to level 3 on everything, finish then go back and max everything out? I have 6 weeks to get decent at French and want to make sure everything is secure or at least I know a lot of stuff.

So far- thanks so much Duo! I've noticed a huge difference in understanding French to English and you're helping me so much!!!

March 24, 2018



if you were given your exam paper back you should look at the errors you made and find the correct answers and learn them. If they are not covered by what you have done so far on duolingo there are other things you can use.Have a look on quizlet


You can make your own quizzes up with your coursework to practice or use some of the entries already there as well as continuing with duo.

Good luck


If the problem seems to be the Questions skill, I'd recommend that you review that section carefully rather than going back to the beginning. When you miss a sentence you can look in the discussions about that sentence to see if someone has a posted some useful information. If you don't find the answer to your question, post one of your own and be sure to click "follow" so you can be notified of any followup comments. I also recommend reading the "Tips and Notes" for each new skill. You may find some useful grammar and usage tips there. I think you will find many people on Duolingo eager to help.

However, if you've forgotten vocabulary from past skills, by all means take the time to review those words. For Spanish, I usually do two review lessons for every new lesson. Some people do more, some less, but that seems to work well for me. If I'm really struggling I may do a bit more review.

The point is that you have to figure out what works best for you. If you try to max out all the previous levels first before moving on, you may get bored and lose motivation. Review, but keep it interesting with some new material!

Best of luck!


I think it may help to go under the 'practice' tab and do one lesson from there before you do any of your other lessons. Duolingo automatically compiles a lesson, out of all the things you've learned, containing the words you are least familiar with. Hope it helps :-)


Getting a lot wrong in questions is normal (at least for me) questions are very confusing, and are quite different compared to English questions. As for the going back over until max thing, just do it however you feel is best, if you feel that you need to max it all out, then go ahead, it depends on the way you learn :)

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For vocab I find that duolingo is not ideal, maybe you could try their "tinycards" app to drill vocabulary. Alternatively there are many "spaced repetition" flashcart software available, such as the free and open source "anki".

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