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Review gender of nouns we have learned

Is there a place on Duoling where we can review the gender of nouns we have learned?

March 24, 2018



Do you have the words tab? (I think it may go away when you're converted to the Crowns system.)

The words tab isn't a very good way to review vocabulary, but it is better than nothing.


No. You have to usually remember genders by heart, that's how most do it. There are sites that give the most likely gender for a noun, but a lot are not covered. It's better not to focus on the gender unless needed. Just memorize.


Not on Duolingo, but there ought to be apps for it? I've been working on German lately, so I'm not sure about French apps, but a Google search for "french noun genders app" came up with an Android app called "Gender Confusion" that looks like it might be similar to one I've been using for German. Also something called "French Noun Drop," but the link doesn't work for me.


Thank you all. Now I know to stop looking on Duolingo and start looking for other apps. This is the first time I asked a question for discussion and it's nice to know folks respond!


You can probably find something on TinyCards, basically the same thing as Duolingo but with flashcards and you can create your own decks. Otherwise, I'm sure there are apps to do that!

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