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"Sarghmey bIH Ha'DIbaHmeyvetlh'e'."

Translation:Those animals are sarks.

March 24, 2018



Can somebody break the last word down?


Ha’DIbaH = animal
-mey = plural
-vetlh = those -'e' = topic marker

I'm no expert... I used this site for the first segment. http://klingonska.org/dict/


-'e' is indeed usually referred to as the "topic marker", but in this case, it is doing something special. Whenever you use a pronoun (such as bIH) as a verb forming a "to be" sentence, that pronoun acts as both subject and verb and there would theoretically be no place for a subject in the sentence. However, the "pronoun as to be" sentence is used to equate two things, so there is often a desire to specifically state what subject the pronoun is referring to, so this subject is marked with -'e' and placed after the pronoun as to be.

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