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  5. "Where are they swimming?"

"Where are they swimming?"

Translation:Wo schwimmen sie?

March 24, 2018



Why isnt it woher in this case?


For those still wondering: The answer is "woher schwimmen sie" would be "where are they swimming to"

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No, that would be wohin, not woher.

  • Wo schwimmen sie? - Where are they swimming?

  • Woher schwimmen sie? - Where are they swimming from?

  • Wohin schwimmen sie? - Where are they swimming to?


Why is 'Wo sind sie schwimmen' wrong?


A present continuous tense (like English “I am swimming”) doesn't exist in German. All actions in the present, current or habitual that they may be, are expressed with the present simple, so both “I swim” and “I'm swimming” should be translated with “ich schwimme”. “Sie sind schwimmen” is simply ungrammatical (something like “I am swim”). Context is generally enough to understand the meaning and when it isn't, adverbs (like “gerade”, “right now” or “meistens”, “usually”) can be used to disambiguate.

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