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  5. Bubbles won't turn golden


Bubbles won't turn golden

I have been trying to strengthen some of my bubbles. I even did the test out and while it says I am at full strength, the bubble does not turn gold.

March 25, 2018



Have you tried redoing each individual exercise in that bubble? That's worked for me in the past.


That is thr solution


Thanks for the info. I will try that next time. I spent 200 coins to take the test to keep it mastered for 30 days and it still shows as not mastered. Lots of glitches since my last update.


I don't have a mobile so use my laptop to do Duolingo. From all the comments I've read, it sounds like the desktop/laptop version has fewer problems than the mobile version - possibly due to more testing of new features being done on the mobile version. I hope you resolve your problem.

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