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"She wants to be able to think quietly."

Translation:Ze wil rustig na kunnen denken.

4 months ago


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Why wil and not wilt?

"De werkwoorden willen, zullen, mogen en kunnen zijn echter uitzonderingen op de regel"

My attempt at a translation: The verbs willen, zullen mogen and kunnen are exceptions to the rule.

I should have probably already known that but I didn't so I've posted for other people.

4 months ago


Yes, willen, zullen, mogen en kunnen are irregular. If your Dutch is advanced enough, an explanation why can be found here. In short, those verbs haven't always had a present tense; at some point in history, people decided that a present tense would actually be useful so they took the subjunctive and just used that as a 'normal' verb - subjunctives don't conjugate, hence it's "hij/zij/het wil" and not "hij/zij/het wilt."

4 months ago