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Exit Crowns Version please

Hi, does anyone know how to REMOVE the Crowns version of the duolingo App?

The original version of the App is much easier to navigate and allows me to preview the new vocabulary for each level and course. This does not get displayed in the Crowns Version. It is a problem for ALL my language classes.

Does anyone know how I can remove myself from the Crowns Version and get back to seeing the trees? Please help me!

March 25, 2018



And what happened to the gems and the % fluency? I just don't like things appearing and disappearing for no apparent reason or explanation.


I agree with you. Destroy the crowns!


if you're talking about the actual mobile app, afaik there's currently no way to revert to the original system. sorry.

if you mean the browser version take a look at this thread, it may answer your question: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26677923

if you're having trouble with the process described in the above thread, have a look at this as well: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26688647


Agreed - Just tried it today and the first thing I wanted to do was "undo". I also do not like the new crown version because it does not allow me to preview the vocabulary or to select a specific lesson to redo within the unit. I also don't see how to do "strengthening" exercises to review a unit. I'm very displeased with this new application.

I'm not skilled enough or confident enough to do the coding necessary to revert the program.

Duo really needs to find a way allow users to revert to the original system. And also I use duo both on my computer and on my mobile.


The preview should be reimplemented. I used to search out each new word with the french/english dictionary and could then move through the lesson so much easier and with fewer mistakes than now where I enter the lesson with no preview and have to fumble through it. Please reimplement preview and information. This said, I really appreciate having another set of exercises to look forward to.


This is the new system. I really don't think they're going to let people keep the old one. There may be a temporary way to get around it, but that's likely to disappear once it's fully rolled out. I don't think having a few extra weeks with the old system is likely to do anything. Might as well get used to the new one.


I'm actually trying to figure out how to get INTO the Crown version, or find out how long I have to wait for it to be available to me. Duolingo has become rather stale for me and hoping something new would revive my interest in it.


There's something 'good new' and something 'bad new'. I'm usually a pretty optimistic person but I'm struggling for motivation. I have just finished lesson 6 of 12 at the absolute first 'basic' level. I had all my tree golden. At this Basic level (the first you can do) I was granted 3 of 5 crowns after the conversion. To have to do 12 exercises such as "je suis un homme" and "un garçon" is just a waste of time and not motivating at all.


I finally got into the crown version yesterday and I actually like it. I guess I lack that need of the whole tree being golden because I don't feel the need to do the basics as most people here do. Since doing 12 exercises of "je suis un homme" is a waste of time, as you put it, why bother with it? I agree that it's a waste of time, and that's why I jumped to Pronouns and filling that one up. Next I'll probably move on to the conditional, subjunctive, etc. I see no reason why I would spend time on basics when there is so much more content elsewhere. I kept my french tree golden before at all times, but I don't mind that it's not like that anymore. I'm just glad for more content. Now I just have to wait for the new tree to arrive and I'll be even more willing to keep using Duo.

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