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Stories and Lessons?

Can anyone tell me if the short stories in Spanish, in the Lab section follow, or are meant to reflect particular skills in the learning tree?
I have found that I can understand most of the vocabulary in the first set of stories pretty well, even after only completing a few skill levels.
Thank you!

March 25, 2018



I don't think they are closely linked to any particular skills. They just give us the opportunity to use our language skills to understand and enjoy the stories. We earn XP when we do stories, but this is not my focus. I just want to enjoy them and see some dialogs in a context.

So, if we feel like it, we should just try them. And if we can't find out everything at once, no problem at all. They will stay there, and we can repeat them later when we've conquered more of our tree.


I am doing the third set after doing sets one and two. They are more advanced than the first set.


I haven't noticed any close correlation to specific lessons. Also, reading a story is actually a different skill than working through a lesson!

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