"Sometimes, fish fall from the sky here!"

Translation:Hier fallen manchmal Fische vom Himmel!

March 25, 2018



can someone help me with the word order here?

March 25, 2018


You could change "Manchmal" and "Hier" but you have to keep the verb at the second place and at the end you have to put "Fische vom Himmel".

January 21, 2019


From what I can tell, we want the noun first and verb second. The noun is "here," because that is the what the sentence is all about. "Fish" are actually a direct(?) object, so they go later. Time is always preceeding the direct object, which it does here as well. What is left is what the direct object is doing, falling from the sky. I hope this helps answer some questions, and I would be glad to learn from any mistakes I have made if this reasoning isn't completely accurate!

April 22, 2018


Hier” is an adverb, it's in first position simply for emphasis. “Fische” is the subject (“fallen” is intransitive, it doesn't take objects). In German, however, there are different criteria determining word order. One depends on the role of the phrase (subject, object, adverbial and so on), but that doesn't explain why “manchmal” here comes before the subject. A possible explanation for that is that “sometimes” is a kind of pronoun-adverb (by no means an official designation), and thus sticks closer to the beginning. Another possibility is that “manchmal” is there because it, too, is being emphasised. A native would probably tell you that this is the order because it sounds right, and in this case this might actually be the best explanation.

An interesting question would be whether “Fische” could in fact come before “manchmal” as expected based on the rules.

April 22, 2018


If you were following the [time][manner][place] rule of ordering, surely:

(No Time) Manner = "manchmal" and "vom Himmel" Place = "hier"

Following these rules, the sentence would be: "Fische fallen manchmal von Himmel hier." Is this acceptable?

March 11, 2019


It's curious that you'd consider ‘manchmal’ and ‘vom Himmel’ as manner, when I think they are rather better represented as time and place, respectively.

Regardless, I do think your proposed translation is acceptable, but keep in mind that TeKaMoLo isn't very strict and in particular it can be overridden by many other considerations (among which the placement of emphasis and certain short elements that, while technically being adverbs of one kind or another, behave like particles and tend to stick to particular places in the sentence irrespective of semantics). In this case, I also think ‘Fische fallen hier manchmal vom Himmel’ would sound better, but my German is not perfect.

May 14, 2019



May 28, 2019


I put "Manchmal fallen Fische hier vom Himmel!" and it was marked wrong. I'm thinking this is also correct, but further thoughts are appreciated...

April 9, 2018


I tried like 8-10 variations here, none of which were accepted, which makes me think this is an exercise forgotten by the Duo team.

Duo requires a word order that is not required by German grammar - just allowed by it.

Duo team needs to admit there are perfectly legitimate alternative word orders they ought to accept as answers - or explain why here only one specific word order is somehow acceptable (which is not the case usually in German).

March 2, 2019


Is something wrong with "Manchmal fallen Fische vom Himmel hier"? If Duo wants a specific word order, I think the same should be used in the English as long as it is acceptable, and saying "Here fish fall sometimes from the sky" etc. would be absolutely fine.

April 18, 2018


duo stop confusing beginners : there are a few variations

May 25, 2018


why "manchmal, fallen fische hier vom Himmel" is wrong..can someone please tell me word order here...for example as the mentioned format: " verb+ subject followed blah "

May 5, 2018


Why can I not say "Hier fallen Fische manchmal vo, Himmel"?

June 9, 2018


Why hier can't be put at the end?

August 4, 2018


In Duo's world, I believe it.

June 27, 2018


Ok . German is weird.

December 6, 2018


Would "Manchmal, Fische vom Himmel hier gefallen" be acceptable?

July 20, 2018


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t “gefallen” a participle? This is a present tense construction.

July 21, 2018


Well, ‘gefallen’ can be present, but then it would be a different verb (‘mir gefällt’ = ‘I like’). bob690's sentence still slightly falls short of a correct past construction: that would need an auxiliary verb (in this case ‘sein’) to form the Perfekt: ‘manchmal sind hier Fische vom Himmel gefallen’ = ‘sometimes fish have fallen from the sky here’.

Another pointer to bob690: second position in main clauses must always host the conjugated verb. If ‘gefallen’ was meant to be the only verb, it's in the wrong position.

August 7, 2018


Where is "Himmel" not preceded by "die"?

March 26, 2019


Why should it be?

Himmel’ is a masculine noun (‘der Himmel’), it would only take ‘die’ in the plural (nominative and accusative). In the dative singular, it takes ‘dem’ ⇒ ‘von dem (Himmel)’ → ‘vom Himmel’.

April 1, 2019


Help please, why is Manchmal fällen fische vom Himmel hier! wrong?

June 4, 2019


I am putting the correct version of the answer, but Duo is not allowing me to progress

July 2, 2019
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