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  5. "tIn HoSDo'."

"tIn HoSDo'."

Translation:The energy beings are large.

March 25, 2018



Is {HoSDo'} plural only? I swear I've read and hear stories about a single {HoSDo'} from advanced Klingon speakers.


According to the Ca'Non Master of the Klingon's response to the word of the day on 26 Sept 2016, this word has "AFAIK never [been] used in a sentence." so we have no canon besides the fact that the TKD gloss is "energy beings" (plural).

It's probably in the same category as paSlogh.

I'm not sure whether non-canon stories by non-Klingons are relevant to the "true" meaning or usage of the word.


Appendix I to Hamlet says:

Note that HoSDo' is always in the plural; Klingons (and most other humanoids) find it difficult to tell whether there are one or more energy beings in a room at any one time.

Also not canon, I suppose, but possibly interesting nonetheless.

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