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Where can I buy German Spongebob episodes?

It's not that I can't watch a German show, but the dub is good and I can easily compare the sentences to English. I tried amazon, but it didn't work cause I'm in America. I think it's the server, but somehow they know. I could find them for free online, but that sounds a bit wrong. So any ideas? I also want Gumball cause I like Gumball.

March 25, 2018



You can buy a VPN with German adress. With a VpN, Netflix and Amazon will show the German Catalog.


You can find a few German clips of Gumball on Cartoon Network's official German youtube channel.


Also searching "Die Fantastische Welt von Gumball" ( the official German title of the show ) would garner you more clips if you're interested.


Maybe you can try https://www.medimops.de/ on this site, they're selling used books, DVDs etc. and you can also find some seasons of Spongebob in German, I just don't know if they deliver to the US. Just give it a try


The US has dvd region code 1 and Europe has region code 2. I don't think it'll work on my laptop.


I don't know how you guys get your TV channels in the US. Is it cable or you directly get it from Satelite? If you directly get your channels from Satellites this is how you can get German Nickelodeon channel:

Eutelsat 9A, 11785, H, 27500

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