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"He said that we had lost a friend."

Translation:Él dijo que habíamos perdido un amigo.

March 25, 2018



Why isn't the correct answer "Él dijo que habíamos perdido a un amigo"? I'm not sure why the personal "a" needs to be omitted here.


It doesn't need to be omitted. My answer was accepted with it. But I'm still not sure why it can be omitted. (Dec. 1, 2018)


Wow. The top voted question is 5 months old and still no answer. This is sad. :(

Well. Upvoted and I guess I wait some more for an answer.


If you want to report something, do it by pressing the flag button. It is highly unlikely that Duolingo staff spends all day reading comments on literally tens of thousands of items.


I don't think you need "a" if "un" is used. I'm not 100% sure though.


On researching when the personal 'a' can be omitted, it seems that un or una is often referring to a non-specific person and the 'a' can be omitted; However, in this case it would seem that the person is specific and the 'a' should be included. I could find no other reason for omitting the 'a'.


Most dictionaries suggest "perder a alguien", but there is also an Argentinian pop song about "perder un amigo", so both seem possible.


I was abour to say that maybe the personal a is for living people or pets but apparently not.

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