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  5. "qet puqpu' 'ej jIyIt."

"qet puqpu' 'ej jIyIt."

Translation:The children run and I walk.

March 26, 2018



It appears order matters. "I walk and the children run" is considered incorrect.


It wouldn't accept any answer


Is it possible you were using l (lower case L) instead of I (upper case I) in the word jIyIt? Notice that the word must have some vowels in it so they must be I and cannot be l. Also notice that the l has a small curl at the bottom and the I is completely straight.


There's a new report type that seems to think these misspellings are homophones. Can you spot what is wrong with each one?

Homophone should be accepted for listening exercise ↳ Qet puqpu ej jlylt ↳ qet puqpu' 'ej jlylt ↳ qet puqpu' 'ej jlylt.


QI'yaH! While Klingon has homophones, they are also homographs, so no homophone suggestions are needed in the Klingon course! The only argument I could see is for Q/q since the course sometimes plays the wrong one. But if we enter them all as homophones, then when the system gets fixed, we'll have to go through all the audio to find and undo all those homophones. Qo'! No homophones!


There may occasionally be a phrase like vaj toDuj Daj ngeHbej DI vI' which is so close to vaj toDDujDaj ngeHbej DIvI' that ... well you know the story. But I wish we could tell Duo that l is never a homophone for I.

I have seen only one of these reports that was not an l/I substitution and that was someone who spelled ghawran with a letter that doesn't exist in Klingon.

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