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Eline sağlık... I keep making the same typo

Before this month, I loved to read about Ottoman history and had done so ANY NUMBER more times than I had imagined that I would learn the Turkish language. I mean, I never bothered myself to learn French either, and those folks just kept coming up. Among things from Ottoman history, I remember the "reforms of Tanzimat." It was a thing: "Tanzimat" came up again and again.

Now--and it's the only infinitive where I do this!--I go to type 'tanımak' and my fingers do 'tanımaT.' I stopped accidentally including the z after like one or two times, but I still do the t! Silly!

You guys, in your language study, have your fingers remembering a same wrong word?

March 26, 2018



It happens to me in English too. I can almost never type "that" correctly first time. It always comes out as "taht". The only thing that fixes this problem is to spend about ten minutes typing the word over and over again until your fingers remember what to type.


Ah, yes! I sometimes get into a rut of of "teh," annoying, lol.

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