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use of werden , wurden and wuerden :

Hi Guys , I am totally confused with various illustrations of this . war vs wurde , K II for werden and future tense .

Can anyone give me simple explaination for the use ?

Please help as I am totally confused

March 26, 2018



"war" is usually "was", "wurde" is usually "became" and "werden" is usually "will"

Do you mean "würde"? (The dots are important, they change pronunciation and meaning). That's usually "would".


give examples . e.g. Das Gebaude wurde gebaut ...und Das Gebaude war gebaut .. what is the difference?


These are passive sentences in the past: "The building was constructed." "Werden" is the auxiliary for passive constructions, just like "to be" is in English.

"werden" is also the auxiliary for the future tense. "Ich werde kommen" = I will come.

Thus, passive present: "Das Gebäude wird gebaut" = the building is (being) constructed

passive future: "Das Gebäude wird gebaut werden" = the building will be constructed.

Your second sentence is not wrong but less common (imo). I could fathom a use like "the building was just finished when something else happened"

Please, do use Umlaute. It's "Gebäude". If your keyboard makes it difficult to type "ä", use "ae" ("Gebaeude"). "Gebaude" is not a German word.


Ich war gestern im Kino - Praeteritum (simple past) Ich wurde bestohlen - Praeteritum passiv Ich werde bestohlen - Praesens passiv Ich werde morgen singen - Futur 1 Ich würde gern ins Kino gehen - Konjunktiv 2

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