"They would need to change clothes."

Translation:Ils auraient besoin de changer de vêtements.

March 26, 2018

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What is the rule here, why is it 'de vêtements' and not 'des vêtements ?


Well, it's because to change (in the sense to exchange something that we have for something else of the same nature) = changer de + noun without article. You can say for instance to change phone = changer de téléphone (to buy a new one) or to change office = changer de bureau


Thank- you. I had the same question after making the same mistake as mschwabnz


I answered: ils auraient changer de vetements (wrong, I know) but the correct translation that appeared was: "Ils devraient changer de vêtements". Now. . . I don't think the translation above and the one I received are the same thing; auraient besoin and devraient means the same???? Am I wrong again?

[deactivated user]

    Ils devraient changer de vêtements means they should/ought to change clothes. Ils auraient besoin de changer means they need to change clothes

    [deactivated user]

      ils auraient besoin de se changer should be accepted.


      Why have 'vouloir' in the hover hints if it is not necessary?


      Why can't it be "les vetements"?

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