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  5. "tera'ngan tlhIngan je"

"tera'ngan tlhIngan je"

Translation:a Terran and a Klingon

March 26, 2018



The solutions says Humans and Klingons. But shouldn't there be the pu' suffix for plural then?


Not necessarily - plural suffixes are optional in Klingon.


They indeed are. But shouldn't the singular verion or even a mixed answer be accepted as well considering there is no further context?


The default/"best" answer is "a Terran and a Klingon", both in the singular.

Various other singular versions are also accepted.

(No mixed versions currently, though I suppose they should be as well. I'll see whether I can add some.)

Note that tera'ngan is a "Terran" -- "human" not the best translation (and has its own Klingon word, Human). Not all human beings necessarily come from Earth, at least not in an era of spaceflight and planetary colonisation.


Thank you for the clarification. I'm still often confused over the ambiguity of klingon.

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