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Restoring a streak after one-day miss?

I've read many forum entries about this specific issue. I've lost my near-200-day streak after missing a single day during traveling. I'd love to be able to restore it.

I see discussions mentioning there's an admin who could help with this, or even a one-off in-app purchase that can do this. (I'd be happy to pay it and support Duolingo in the process.) Problem is I'm learning Czech, which is not yet in the Android app - which is probably why I wasn't offered a streak restore.

There's seemingly no direct way to contact the Duolingo team, so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance for any help!

March 26, 2018



what happens if you choose a different course on the web before going to the mobile device?

never mind, i see a 3-day streak. it is too late.


I've tried adding up to three different courses on the app, but I assume the streak is linked to a language, so I never got the offer to restore it. Do you happen to know whom I can contact about it? Thanks in advance!


streaks are not linked to languages/courses. some people who lost streaks report receiving offers to repair for money when on their apps even days after they started building new streaks. but very likely there are a/b testing groups, and only some users get the streak repair offers. perhaps you are not among those.

sorry i can't help beyond this point. if you want to pursue this further, i can invite a general mod here who may be much more familiar with the streak loss issues.

my personal bias is against bothering with streaks. i have even set may daily xp goal as high as it will go to minimize the probablility that one will start growing and demand maintenance. it feels good to opt out.


Yeah. Whatever the reason, I've never gotten that offer. Sadly.

If you are able to invite a mod that might help out, I'd really appreciate it.

You're probably right about streaks being unnecessary, but it's been a nice motivator for me so far.


while we wait for the gm who knows more about this, try one more thing. on the computer (not a mobile device), change your course to english for czech speakers or something else that is supported on mobile. then go to the mobile app. the streak restore offer may be the first thing the app wants to do, except if you are in the unsupported course. nothing will do if you are in the no-offer group. good luck!

by the way, 200 days is not that hard to re-build, if that is your thing.


Thanks, I've tried that (with Danish) - but no luck. No messages on the mobile app. Hopefully a GM can help out somehow.


Hey svrsheque,

Do you happen to know if any GM might show up? Else is there someone else I can contact somewhere?

Thanks again!


Hi, I would still very much like to merge my two streaks. Is there anyone at all I can contact?

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