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Where can I find material for B2-C1 vocabulary?

I am around C1 level in Spanish, but I am having trouble finding new vocabulary to study. I feel like I'm at a standstill, a "block".

I already read novels for teenagers and young adults in Spanish with ease. However, there is still a lot of vocabulary I am not familiar with, and don't know by heart.

Does anyone have any lists or webpages for B2 or C1 vocabulary? Courses are also very welcome.

March 26, 2018



You're at a tough level. It takes a lot of effort to improve once you get just beneath that C1 threshold. I got there, and studied, and read books, and watched movies, and listened to the radio... I felt like I was putting in tons of time and not really getting anything back.

That's when I decided to learn French from Spanish. My Spanish has diminished - I'd say I'm at a low B1 now - but it gave me a new challenge and I get to keep my toe in the water, so to speak. I see you've got level 25 in French, so you're also interested in it. Perhaps you'd enjoy French from Spanish or Spanish from French?

Also, it's much easier to improve passive language skills (reading and listening) than active skills (writing and speaking). You might benefit from a language exchange, either a pen pal or a speaking partner.


Perhaps you'd enjoy French from Spanish

That's coincidentally what my level 25 is in! :) I took your same approach by doing French for Spanish speakers, and got a level 25 in it. I am also doing Italian for Spanish speakers, and I have a level 16. I also did the Catalan for Spanish speakers course, and got to level 22, but I deleted it.

I also have practice speaking Spanish every day due to being close with people who speak it. I think I could benefit more by doing some practice sessions with other natives online.

I have done all of my Duolingo courses for Spanish speakers (I prefer them to the English speaker versions) and that was when it was pushed up to B2-C1. However, I seem to be a bit stuck now. Do you have any other recommendations such as specific novels, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.?


Hi, I have a podcast recommendation, A Mi Aire, by podclub.com It is listed as a beginner level podcast but the vocabulary and topics covered are actually rather advanced. It is sort of a blog style podcast and I really enjoy it!


www.languagecourse.net vocabulary trainer VT

See the linked top up #1-9 spanish courses (first 5000 words) in my Memrise learning profile or here: https://www.memrise.com/courses/english/spanish-spain/?q=%22top+up%22


Have you tried lingvist? I use it for French and it is quite effective for building more advanced vocabulary. I am not sure if the Spanish version has quite as many words but I have heard good things. I don’t know if you read mostly online or in print, but if you read online I also reccomend using readlang (or something similar) as it saves your words for review. So, I am practicing words of relevance to me.

It might also helpful to focus on vocabulary specific to your interests. For example, I like to read poetry, so I discovered I need to learn the names of trees and various bird species (or at least to recognize them) I don’t know if orange blossom, elm, nightengale are common words, but they appear often in the books I read, and are more useful for me than business oriented vocabulary I might find in a deck of common words. So maybe I will make a list of trees in Spanish. Yesterday I was reading a children’s about a rabbit, and ended up having to make a list of forest animals that I would have trouble with even in English (mole, vole).

So, my suggestion is you might want to make your own decks or vocabulary lists thematically. Starting Harry Potter? Look up words related to magic, wands, spells etc. Enjoy art? Learn the names of art movements and all the different shades of blue.


Lingvist Spanish with it's superb crystal clear audio currently has about ~3800 words; they slowly extend it.

Lingvist French has ~5000 (little bit more) - offical feedback from a forum thread.


This is good advice, thanks! I will try Lingvist as well, I steered away from it at first because I thought it was similar to Duolingo (A1-A2 level). The interests idea is definitely something that may help me.


I usually prefer to learn words in context rather than disassociated in word lists. If the young adult novels have become too easy, have you considered graduating to reading adult novels? Here are a few suggestions:



Of course, I don't know your taste in books, so you might try translations of any books that you know well in your native language.

Other books that can help with vocabulary:

Kato Lomb was one of the most impressive polyglots of the 20th century and possibly ever. I found her perspective very useful for improving various aspects of my skills including vocabulary.


I just bought this. A synonym book has been suggested by my Spanish tutor. https://www.amazon.com/Diccionario-sin%C3%B3nimos-ant%C3%B3nimos-afines-Spanish/dp/970220027X/ref=sr_1_3?s=booksie=UTF8qid=1522070719sr=1-3keywords=diccionario

Get a good dictionary all in Spanish. For example: https://www.amazon.com/Larousse-Diccionario-Usual-Lengua-Espanola/dp/6072109098/ref=sr_1_6?s=booksie=UTF8qid=1522070799sr=1-6keywords=diccionario


I very recently installed an app called “Palabra Correcta” on my iPhone (not sure if it’s available for other platforms). The app has a variety of quizzes. The vocab quizzes contain mixed bag of words som basic, some not. I’m at B2-C1 level and I keep coming across words that are new to me.

What I like best is that you can test yourself via English translation —like traditional flashcards. Or challenge yourself via definitions, synonyms or antonyms (all in Spanish).

Additionally there are grammar and trivia quizzes. You can focus on any single quiz or play “combinado” with all types at once.


Can you please provide me the study material for spanish DELE A1,A2,B1,B2 exams?Even the way through which you prepared so well will do. I want to prepare for that and I can't find the material for the same. Please help.

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