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  5. "DIvI' Hol nuq?"

"DIvI' Hol nuq?"

Translation:What is English?

March 26, 2018



Is 'oH simply omitted here or does it not belong?


It's not needed here -- nuq can act like a pronoun, so it can mean not only "what" but also "what is", in a similar way to how 'oH can be either "it" or "it is".


Mizinamo, thank you for taking the time to teach us! I'm not very good when it comes to understanding a lot of consinents grouped together. I don't think I spelled consinents correctly.


In case you think that DIvI' has lots of consonants grouped together: the second and fourth letters are capital i's, not lowercase L's, so it's consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel-consonant (since the final apostrophe represents a consonant sound in Klingon).

Pay careful attention to the little curl at the bottom of the last letter in Hol which marks it as a small L, and the absence of that little curl in the capital i's in DIvI'.


Thank you for that I found my problem you are seriously helpful to me


i dont understant why have names personal togheter the phrases


This sentence (DIvI' Hol nuq?) Does not have any personal names. Are you asking about a different part of the course?


So the word order shows literally [English language what (is)], but then we put it into our word order "What is English?" or "What is the English language?" if that last were acceptable, is it? It does seem unlikely to ask about English if you already know it is a language.

Can we also ask "What is the Federation Standard?"


"What is the English language?" was not on the list of acceptable translations, but I think it should be accepted and have added it now.

"What is Federation Standard?" is also accepted - note, without article, as "Federation Standard" is considered a proper noun (the name of the language) and, like "English", takes no "the" in front of it.


Why does it say

"Federation Standard"

instead of just



We accept both names -- "Federation Standard" as the in-universe name (it's apparently called by various variations in various places, but this is the version we've standardised on) and "English" as the real-life meaning.


Think this might be bugged, fifth time I've typed in the exact sentence and it says it's incorrect. I typed "Dlvl' Hol nuq?" How is it incorrect? Help would be nice, kinda stuck here


Okay I made it work.. apparently the L's in Dlvl are not L's but I's.. the ❤❤❤❤? I've typed L's all this time and now it just says it's an I? O.o weird but ok


If you look carefully, you can see a slight curl at the bottom of the l (lower case L) that is absent from the bottom of the I (upper case i). You may not see it in emails, but you can see it in Duolingo.


Mi ha dato sbagliato e me l'ha corretto uguale!

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