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Is learning Japanese on Duolingo possible without mastering the Hiragana???


I would like to learn japanese on duolingo. But my goal is to speak and to understand the language so far.

Right now I don't have much time to learn the Hiragana. So is it possible to pass the Japanese course without really mastering the Japanese writing???

Thank You for sharing your experience!!!

March 26, 2018



Since everything is in Hirgana, Katakana, and Kanji, it would probably be absolutely impossible to do anything in the course. Really, if you don't have time to learn the basics, you'll never be able to learn anything in Japanese.


You're going to need the hiragana. Ask yourself how easy it would be to learn English without using the alphabet.


I can tell you that learning Hiragana is not really that hard. It takes some time to learn it of course(+1week(s) of everyday learning), but it is much more easier to learn it than Kanji.


Maybe you mean Kanji, instead of Hiragana?

Japanese writing uses three types of characters. Learning hiragana and katakana is pretty much required to be able to use most study materials. They also are not that hard to learn. The third character set is kanji and learning all the kanji will take YEARS, even if you are really dedicated.

If you don't think you will ever need to read Japanese, you can probably avoid learning most kanji, since you can learn how to pronounce words using romaji or hiragana/katakana. But you will be completly lost if you try to read native Japanese without knowing any kanji.


No way. Hiragana is the bare basic needed to even start Japanese. It's a language which has two sets of alphabets, and tops them with a truckload of Chinese characters. Not easy, but definitely possible. If you have real interest in the language, then I suggest you learn the kana charts at least.


You can't. And trust me I've been there too, years ago, wanting to learn Japanese but being scared of the writing. But it's inevitable, if you wanna learn Japanese and become really good at it you'll have to learn hiragana, katakana AND kanji.

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