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  5. "The tray is black and white."

"The tray is black and white."

Translation:Le plateau est noir et blanc.

March 21, 2013



What about blanc et noir ? I remember an old thread about the inversion of these two adjectives


We don't need to invert these. If the original sentence uses "black and white", there's no reason not to use "noir et blanc".


Black and white is a standard expression, you don't say white and black. Isn't it supposed to be the same for French, that we use standard expressions correctly?


We have the same order in French and the same expressions.

However, this expression is usually used either:

  • to designate a lack of nuances (figuratively)
  • to designate a scale of greys (for example in art)

If you're only giving the colors of an object though, for example a zebra, there shouldn't be an issue changing the order, in this case you would only be giving the colors of the object one after the other and there's no necessity to use one before the other, since it wouldn't be using a fixed expression.

At least that's not an issue in French, and as far as I know it's not an issue in English either.

But for a duolingo exercise, I suggest always using the same order as the original sentence, so if you get "black and white", then use "noir et blanc", and vice versa, even if the meaning of the sentence doesn't use the expression.


How complicated! Thank you!

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