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Where are the Klingon curses?

I've just started tlhIngan Hol, and I can't help noticing a glaring omission: Curses. How con we properly learn Klingon if we can't spit out curses? That is such a big part of the language and culture. I find this omission as disrespectful and distasteful as a plate of dead gagH. This needs to be fixed.

March 26, 2018



Considering sentences that are curses, I agree. We have a few of those.

But considering curse words, we have the problem that we don't have actual translations for curse words. In a few cases we are told the type of situation you'd use a particular word, but that's it. Since Duolingo is set up such that you progress by typing translations, lacking proper translations is difficult.

For instance, here were the first three curse words introduced in The Klingon Dictionary:

QI'yaH *?!#@

ghuy'cha' *@$%

Qu'vatlh #*@!

Not exactly useful translations.


Hmm, point taken. These kinds of curses may fall more into cultural awareness than actual translations. But what I was REALLY thinking of isn't curse words, but curses—like "A single running man can slit a thousand throats in one night," that sort of thing. That should be a category all unto itself.


hey! there are kids trying to learn Klingon too! it isn't necessarily a good idea to fill their heads with curses. it is disrespectful to curse!


Not to Klingons, it isn't.

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