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Klingon pronounciation/sounds - course suggestion

Hi to all the Klingon Mods and Contributors, first off thanks so much for all your hard work ive been looking forward to this for ages!

But i wanted to say that i've got to level 3 and was very surprised and confused to find the Sounds lesson with all the Pronounciation tips and notes so far into the course! I just wanted to suggest that lesson 5 is way too late to start introducing the pronounciation guide. At this point ive already been told to download an app and watch a dozen youtube videos just to learn pronouciation, that now the lessons usefulness is somewhat limited.

I just think for many new people and non-trekkies, trying to learn words that are a string of consonants and random upper case letters can be a bit intimidating, especially when there are no audio files to help. Which is why i think you should consider putting the Sounds lesson much earlier, like the second lesson maybe? Otherwise i feel you may run the risk of making the language seem much harder and convoluted, putting people off the course altogether.



March 26, 2018



Pronunciation guides or phonetics would be a help but really we just need the audio.


Now that the course has been released (even if only in beta status), we cannot change the order of lessons.

The Sounds lesson was intended to go with audio, to practise the various sounds by listening to them; since we have no audio yet, it might be better to delete it. (We tried to ensure that any "new" words introduced there are not relied on in the remainder of the course.) But deleting a unit is not possible any more, either.

In theory, we could at some point start work on a second tree, which could have a different order of lessons. But by then we would hopefully have audio anyway.

Perhaps we could add a bit more about pronunciation to the tips+notes of one of the earlier lessons.

Now that they are more hidden than before with the introduction of the "crowns" feature (you have to click on the light bulb next to 'start' after clicking on a lesson), I wonder how visible those will be.

Show of hands: how many of you read the tips and notes for a unit before starting to learn? Please upvote the appropriate reply to this comment.


I usually read the tips and notes before starting a new unit.


I didn't even know that there are tips and notes available for the various units!


I rarely or never read the tips and notes before starting a new unit.


Thanks for reply that makes sense, shame you can't move the lesson. But I think adding some basic pronounciation tips to an earlier lesson is a great idea worth considering. Especially as the sound of klingon is one of the most unique and fun features of the language.

Also, i don't know how much this applies to other people but generally i find that knowing how to say new words helps me remember them.



^^^ this, all of this. Not knowing how to say something, I'm liable to forget it much more quickly. I too was dismayed to see the pronunciation lessons so far down the tree.


ik this is out of the blue but...



I always read the tips and notes before starting a new unit.


How about: read them after I get lost during my lessons.


LOL, so it's not just me? I did the same thing, went hunting due to confusion.


I've found this guide to phonetics from the Klingon Language Institute most helpful, especially the descriptions of how to form the sounds in your mouth. Been drilling "tlh" sounds all day, just starting to get a feel for it, I think (hope).



Should the Klingon course get audio, I will be all over that even if it's still only available through browser use despite the fact that I mostly use the app.


It has audio now. :-)


For a basic sounds lesson with audio, you could perhaps use the sounds available on Wikipedia » IPA, and IPA Interactive. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA/Klingon


You could also find a language on Google translate that has all of the sounds Klingon has (or simply specify per word), and get the sounds using Google tts service.

Qapla' (I think, still kinda new): https://translate.google.com/translate_tts?ie=UTF-8[&]q=ka%20pla[&]tl=en-TW[&]client=tw-ob

The above link contains ampersands which don't work in this forum. As a get-a-round, they are contained in square braces. You may copy the url and remove the braces in your browser


I'm not sure whether there is any language that has all of the sounds of Klingon.

In your link, capital Q is not a [k] sound, and the apostrophe sound ' (glottal stop) is completely missing.

Better to use https://hol.kag.org/sentence/Qapla%27 .


ooh, this is cool and perfect. For now, we learners can use it to hear words, but it would be awesome to add into a new version of the course.

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