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Just started French! Lets Talk.

Hello French community!

Comment down below how long you've done French and your favorite part of it.

.....just a conversation starter.

Thank you,

March 26, 2018



I've been learning French for four years and it is by far my favorite language to learn. My favorite thing about French is hard to explain... But, it's the fact that certain words or phrases have a metaphorical meaning when it can't be directly translated. I'm sure that doesn't make sense. I wish I had an example to show. ^ ^

Are you liking French so far?


Hello! Wow four years!Thats so impressive!

So far I'm having a lot of difficulty learning the language...nothing is really coming to me easily. But I'm gonna try it out for at least 3 more weeks and see if maybe its not quite the language for me but I'm hoping it is since i love the sound of the language! it sounds so pretty and I'm hoping it will help me get into a higher class college. Since languages are impressive in transcripts. I am level 5 in Irish and id like to say for only 2 weeks it is very easy for me to learn and understand that language but not quite sure if Irish would be more impressive than French on a transcript.

Thank you for taking your time to reply!


I have done it for maybe 4 months or so? And I love house simple it is and easy and fun!


Wow! Ive only done it 2 days and so far it is a lot harder than Irish! But I'm hoping it gets easier eventually!


It does get easier. But then after awhile of easy it gets a bit harder.But stay motivated! What do you know so far?


So far nothing at all. I cant seem to understand the tone they use very easily but it is my 3rd day so.


Yeah, sometimes they speak too fast what makes it hard. Just listen carefully!


I have started a French course on another website and it seems to be helping me understand DL's course a lot better.


Yes, sometimes Duolingo is hard to understand with the sound sometimes. Can you send me the link to that website please? I'd like to look at it.


And try mov.ing this topic to French so it will get attention from people taking French


I've been doing French for about a month and a half now. I went inactive for a bit so I'm trying to keep up at 41% fluency now :)


Wow you have a super high level for only a month and a half!

[deactivated user]

    I've been doing French for 2 years and I started out with Duolingo, getting to Level 8 before I signed up for French classes, advancing three levels and getting a better grip on French grammar which is very hard but don't let that discourage you.


    Wow!Very impressive. I had a feeling this is a difficult language but i just have to stay motivated !

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