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"¿Qué tienes que leer?"

Translation:What do you have to read?

5 months ago


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Is this asking what is in your possesion to read, or what are you required to read. Out of context, this is ambiguous in English. What exactly does it mean in Spanish?

5 months ago

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The Spanish "tener + que + infinitve" expresses obligation. That is to say, "what are you required to read?"

"What do you have in your posession (in order) to read?" would be something like "¿qué tienes para leer?" in Spanish.

5 months ago


The Spanish question means "What do you need to read?" This is a better English translation, because as you point out, "What do you have to read?" has a second/alternative meaning: What books do you have in your possession that are available for reading?

3 weeks ago