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  5. "Two of my aunts are judges."

"Two of my aunts are judges."

Translation:Dvě z mých tet jsou soudkyněmi.

March 26, 2018



It tells me the correct answer is: Dvě z mých tet jsou sudí. Shouldnt at the end be 'soudcí'.


Not really, soudci is masculine. Sudí is a synonym for soudce of either sex. It is not really a word we actively teach I think, your answer just happened to be close to it.


soudkyněmi? Wouldnt it be more natural with soudkyní? (genitive) why is this in instrumental?


It's either "Dvě z mých tet jsou soudkyně" (Nom) or "Dvě z mých tet jsou soudkyněmi." (Ins)

Either is fine. There's a very slight difference in meaning but not something learners at your level should care or worry about.

Genitive for "soudkyně" is a no-no.


Interesting, in Czech it is possible to say "two my aunts" and also "two of my aunts". dve mé tety and dve mych tet.

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