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Got My German Golden Owl

Day 75: Finished the German Tree.

My next goal is to have the tree completely gold. I tried to always keep my lessons gold, but I noticed that the closer I got to finishing the tree, the more gold I lost. So over the past two weeks, I gave up. However, even now, as I try to "re-gold" my tree, the number of lessons losing their gold seem to increase.

My question: has anyone had a completely golden tree?

I know that review is important and I don't mind if it never turns completely gold, but I just want to know if this goal is achievable.

March 26, 2018



Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Before you lose motivation, do the reverse course! The tree is much shorter and so it is easier to keep golden. To keep your German tree golden you will need to practice fast (as npLam said), before the skills you already re-golded turn colourful again.


Hey, herzlichen Glückwunsch :)


Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Das ist eine tolle Leistung. Du kannst stolz darauf sein!

Ich habe auch das Problem mit vielfarbigen Bäumen (in Französisch und Spanisch). Stück für Stück erreiche ich den goldenen Zustand. Ich habe gelesen, dass man -- wenn man den Baum fertig hat -- von unten her vorgehen soll.

Du solltest also die Lektionen, die Du als letztes gelernt hast, als erstes wieder golden machen. Ich glaube, dass dann manchmal auch "frühe" Lektionen mit vergoldet werden.

Für mich ist es jedenfalls sinnvoll, vor allem die eher komplizierten Themen zu wiederholen und nicht die "bitte, danke, der Junge, das Mädchen". ;-)

Wir schaffen das! Wir machen unsere Bäume golden!!!


Is German your native language?


Gut gemacht! :)


Congrats! I did my German tree very quickly and it took a couple weeks before skills stopped decaying so rapidly. It took me a couple weeks to regild the whole tree (even though it was all gold when I finished) but after that I'd get only 1-3 skills decaying each day, and eventually no decay at all as long as I did a few practices each day. (At the moment I'm only working on the reverse tree because my German practices were becoming too repetitive, and I wasn't learning much--I'm personally looking forward to the skill-levels update, so I figure I might as well let my German skills decay while I work on the reverse tree, and then I'll work on it again once I get skill levels. I haven't checked my German tree recently, so it's probably partly decayed now, but last time I checked I hadn't worked on it for days and all the skills were still gold.)


I gave up trying to keep the German tree gold. Too often the practice is the same sentance multiple times. It felt like they just want me to do a regild lots for the resulting adverts. So I've quit Duo German. Gone to LINGVIST. That and the some nigh useless vocab they want me to learn.

The French tree is far better designed. And it stays golden as long as a do a few strengthen lessons per week.

The Duo principle is good, and I've started Italian from absolute zero knowledge. But the German course just wound me up


I've currently got a golden German tree and a golden reverse tree (ie, Learning English for German speakers). It takes a lot of repetition at first to stop the exercises losing "power", but they settle down after a while. The reverse tree is quite challenging as a native English speaker (but a beginner in German): you end up doing a lot of boring transcription exercises in English, but the payoff is that you are required to construct more complex sentences in (correct!) German, and elements of the language such as adding adjectival endings and recognising cases become critical and ubiquitous. Definitely worthwhile, even if it's occasionally very frustrating.

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