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"Matěje hledají na čtyřech nádražích."

Translation:They are looking for Matěj at four stations.

March 26, 2018



Why is it wrong in English "they look for Matěj at four stations" I am having more problems with the Englich translations than with the czech ones


Would the following sentence be correct: "Matěj hledá ji na čtyřech nádražích" as in "Matej is looking for her at four stations"? Or does it sound weird? (I know I should be able to hear "Matěje" but that's not entirely clear if you understood something different.)


No, it is wrong. "ji" is a clitic and must be in the second position. "Matěj ji hledá na čtyřech nádražích."


Thank you! I figured there must be something wrong with it but couldn't tell what.

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