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Thank you Duolingo!

Thank you Duolingo! I have been using you for nearly a month now and I can't explain how grateful I am for you helping to improve my French. I am taking French in school and started Duolingo to get rid of my rusty skills and to help me study for a contest, "Le grand concours," AKA "The National French Exam." With Duolingo, I got a 68/70 on it and am very happy! I won a national gold medal! (I was above the 95th percentile). I'm not sure how I would have done without Duolingo. Also, now, in class, I know most of what my teacher is teaching, and I can impress her by using vocab that we haven't learned yet and by speaking in the past tense! I am very happy that I started Duolingo and I will continue it for a long time to come!

Merci! Thank You!

March 26, 2018



Very Nice! I'm also in a similar predicament, where I decided to use duolingo to help me in my French classes and honestly, it was like a drop of water in a desert!

I couldn't be more grateful as i can now understand many things ahead of time, use new vocab and understand grammar better than most of my classmates!

It also helped improve my self-esteem, as before hand i hated French because i thought i couldn't do it, but ends up i was wrong! Duolingo helped me learn to believe in myself and that i can learn whatever i want if i Put my mind into it!

Hopefully you continue to grow and learn, and one day become fluent in French!! :)


That's so great! I'm glad you enjoy Duolingo.

I'm also glad to see these types of posts aren't being downvoted into oblivion anymore.


Félicitations! Merci d’avoir partagé avec nous les bonne nouvelles et bonne continuation avec tes études!


Merci Michael!


sorry for my english,but i am very happy for you and what you say is totally true. thank you doulingo for doing this things possible!

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