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"Everyone wanted us to continue our match."

Translation:Všichni chtěli, abychom v našem zápase pokračovali.

March 26, 2018



What about "... abychom pokračovali v našem zápase"? Does it put any unnecessary stress on the "v našem zápase" part?


No, it is quite neutral. It is the SVO order.


can we omit "nasem" since "abychom" implies whose match it is and it seems common in Czech to omit possessive pronouns.


Currently not. I am not sure whether it should or should not be added. On the one hand you areright Czech uses less possessives. On the other hand, in this case you could easily have "in the match" in English, the possessive is quite unnecessary, unlike cases like "I did it with my right hand.".


Why is it pokracovat v čem and not pokračovat co. I'm a bit surprised.


I'm afraid there's no answer, language is arbitrary. The verb "pokračovat" in intransitive, it can't take a direct object. Hence the phrase "pokračovat v čem". Another option is "pokračovat s čím". I'd say they are equivalent.


what about the usage of "abysme" ? I always hear from my Prague colleagues "abysme" and almost never "abychom"


"abysme" is commonly used, but it hasn't been accepted into standard Czech (as of January 2021), although it might be in the future. For now, "abychom" is the only standard form and this course sticks to the standard. But feel free to use "abysme" when speaking Czech.

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