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I just reached Level 21 on German... but this time, there was no fanfare, no extra lingots... In fact, I had to check in the settings to see if the level up had occurred. Has something changed that I've missed?

March 26, 2018

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Thanks for the responses. I really don't get it - and am a bit disappointed. The lingots are quite a good way of keeping motivated!

Thank you for the lingot donations though - that's far too kind!!

I haven't been getting lingots for levels up so I just assumed they changed the reward system. Here is a lingot for you as a token of the hard work to make it from 20 to 21. Someday I'll get there too!

More people have reported this issue in the past, and it seems there could be multiple reasons/causes. I've seen mentions of a difference between some mobile versions of Duolingo and the web version where the (daily) gems (is this still a thing?) replaced the lingot awards, others seem to have been part of A/B tests (whether or not rewards have an effect on learning), of course it being Duolingo it could also be a bug =) When Stories for German was introduced I levelled up while doing the stories and didn't get any lingots or fanfare either, but I did get them later during a "normal" levelling up. In the end I gave up on trying to understand Duo and just do my lessons =)

i have been getting lingots, but maybe it stops when you get higher? Anyway, congratulations!

hmmmm...not sure what the changes are. I got an fanfare for leveling up in German/English yesterday and the same for leveling up in English/German today. However, when I finished the reverse tree (also today), the gold owl appeared but there were no bells and whistles .. Whatever. I didn't notice the ligots. There isn't much to spend them on anyhow after a while..

The change I'm waiting for are the crowns.......every morning I enter computer land to see if they have come to my Duo page. Not yet.. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, just waiting.
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I'm guessing this feature has been done away with as I've just reached Level 22, and again no fanfare... no lingots. Shame.

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