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Spanish learners click here!

Hi! So if you really love Spanish you might want to check out the new movie Ferdinand. It’s very funny and it has some spanish speaking in it. If your fluent and know Spanish real well you can have fun interpreting to ur family what the characters are saying. It takes place in Spain. Just wanted to share this to Spanish learners.

March 26, 2018



Did you say that just cause of the name?



:D Yes I watched that and enjoyed the little Spanish I could understand.


but what if you don't know Spanish and don't know what they are saying?

[deactivated user]

    Then you keep learning until you do lmao.


    Me encanta el toro en la película ferdinand. Él puede ser muy emocional, pero también súper serio. Es un bonita película.


    Hablan un poco de espanol en la pelicula "Coco" tambien. No he viste Ferdinand pero he viste Coco y me gusta la pelicula mucho.


    I would also suggest Coco, most of the songs are in Spanish. It would be really fun to try and understand them!

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