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Why does duolingo chinese have so many bugs

Every time I use duolingo chinese and do a course, duolingo always says i'm wrong. I tried translating with Google Translate to check, and my friends, they said it was a perfectly fine translation, but Duolingo still marks it as wrong. Please help

March 26, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Duolingo is still working on teaching languages with completely different alphabets and Chinese, with thousands of characters, is hard to try to ft everything in. Report it when it marks you wrong when you’re right and hopefully the Duolingo team in charge of Chinese notices it and fixes it.

    And Duolingo isn’t the best place to learn Chinese though it is pretty helpful for beginners.


    In which question did you experience this error?


    You should not rely on Google Translate, as it gives a very literal translation. Also, unless your friends are fluent in the Chinese language, you probably should not check with them. Tip: People who speak Chinese that have a Chinese name usually say their last name first and first name last.


    My friends are native Chinese speakers


    Adding on to Tyler96645's question, I am curious about the state of support for Duolingo Chinese. I can understand the challenges, as per LanguageAmbrosia's comments about the Chinese character system. But at the same time, it seems like there are a lot of errors or overly narrow translations that are not getting updated based on user feedback. The forums related to many questions are full of discussion about legitimate alternative translations, but (having been at it for a few months now) I don't see the answer sets being updated.

    One example is 这个商店的衣服贵不贵 which has an accepted translation of "Are the clothes in this store expensive?" while "Is the clothing in this store expensive?" is marked wrong.

    In other cases, a sentence about the cost of something might be translated as 87.67 rmb, where sometimes 87.67 rmb is accepted as correct and other times 87.67 yuan is accepted; but there is no context or reason to distinguish between them.

    I use the 'Report' function all the time, as others in the forums claim to as well. I'm not complaining, but just curious if the Chinese course has less support than others? Or if there are plans to improve the translations?

    By comparison, I also do the Spanish course, which is obviously more mature because it has been around longer and has more users; but the updates to translations seem to happen faster on that course.

    So again, not to complain, and just adding on to Tyler96645's question, I am curious about the status of support for Duolingo Chinese. It seems like there should be a huge wealth of suggestions from the 'Report' function about how to improve many translations. Thanks for reading my way-too-long-winded post. :)

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