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Where do I set my timezone?

I'm getting fed up with losing my streaks because I practice one day in the morning and the following day in the afternoon, and my account seems to be using who-knows-what timezone.

I've searched high and low and I can see nowhere to specify my timezone; please tell me where it's hidden!?!

April 19, 2014



Your account uses the timezone you were in when you created your account.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no option to change it. At the moment I think your only option is to hope that one of the administrators sees this thread.


Wow, that's a bit of a fail :(

It's not like somebody learning another language would ever travel somewhere with a new timezone... like say to a country that speaks the language they're learning :P

That probably explains the mismatched dates on data recording vs data displaying in the iOS app too then.

If a staff member sees this can you please change my timezone to be at least somewhere in the Americas, and maybe put a card on the dev's cardwall to make it a user option? Please?


I'm not totally convinced this is true. I travelled to a different time zone a few months ago for a substantial amount of time and I recall that eventually Duo had (apparently) changed its time zone to the local time. When I came back, it took a few days and then it was back to my "original" time zone. I know this by completing lessons before and after midnight, local time (and the extension of the streak, obviously).


I have the same problem. It's incredibly frustrating, because the graph obviously shows that I have practised each day, but the streak gets reset. I mainly use the app (this is the first time I've logged in on the computer) and I've emailed Duolingo about it a couple of times, the second time including a screen shot showing the problem. I had assumed the default timezone was set to somewhere in the Americas, although the graph correctly shows the date here in NZ, but if you're in the Americas and having the same problem, I can only assume it's a bigger problem that Duolingo has to address.


Just adding to this that I created an account in California (PST) and my account seems to be stuck in Eastern Time. Very frustrating. Please Duolingo, can the design team come up with a solution?


I also signed up on Pacific time and it is the wrong time zone for me also.


I've been using Duo since 2017 on a PC only. I have always been EST Eastern Standard Time, but it seems I have been reset to GMT. My "new day" shouldn't be starting now at 7:00 PM EST!

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