"Are you American?"


March 27, 2018



Why is 'ma' at the end of thia question? Isn't it normally associated with 'what'?

March 27, 2018


吗 is the equivalent of a question mark and is used to form questions in Chinese from declarative sentences not containing a question word like 什么、谁、怎么、哪里 etc.

March 27, 2018


Ma is used as a question particle. Example in "你好" it means "Hello" or I am good but if you use "你好吗?" It becomes a question translating to "How are you?" So basically if I'm not wrong, if it's a question you have to add "ma" at the ending of the sentence.

April 4, 2018


Only yes or no questions use 吗. When you answer "好" to the question "你好吗?" You are answering in the affirmative, or saying "Yes, good." The negative would be "不好", or "Not good", or "No".

July 23, 2018


Ami tomar kase jabo

November 23, 2018


Using "Ma" is the equivalent to using "no?" at the end of a sentence. (eg. This is your house no?)

January 9, 2019


Huh, it let me get away with forgetting the 'ma'. (I noticed my mistake the second I clicked on "check".)

January 13, 2019
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