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'umfallen' vs. 'herunterfallen'

  1. What is the difference between umfallen and herunterfallen?

  2. What is the word for 'Move away' in the sense of "You are too close to the camera. Move yourself away a bit,"?

LG Jason

March 27, 2018



umfallen = to fall over.

herunterfallen = to fall down/ come down.

die Lampe ist heruntergefallen= the lamp fell down (from the ceiling f. e.)

der Stuhl ist umgefallen= the chair fell over.

to your 2. question you could say: geh ein Stück zurück, du bist zu nah an der Kamera (formal would be: gehen Sie ein Stück zurück, Sie sind zu nah an der Kamera) = move back a little you're to close to the camera


Umfallen = to fall while standing on a surface to the same surface

Herunterfallen = to fall from one surface to a lower surface

A table lamp can do both.

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