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There is only one thing stopping me from loving the crown system.

It doesnt actually work how they said it would.

I dont know about anyone elses experience, but for my progression so far, (after maxing out multiple skills) the words and sentences in the skills do not get any more complex, I do not mind that I cannot test out of the levels on the skills, but the levels need to be actual levels.

This issue shouldve been fixed before launch, whether it be the first basic skills or the ones further down the tree (I have done both), the complexity-difficulty should be increasing instead of translating the same basic sentences over 40 times!

I really do like the crown systems goals and am in fact enjoying it bar this one issue which ruins the experience and actually prevents the crown system from achieving its ultimate goal of skill mastery.

March 27, 2018



The exercises do get harder - the sentences do not. When you're getting to Level 1 of a skill, there is no translation, speaking, or listening practice, but that's all you get once you've reached Level 4. They didn't promise that the sentences would get harder, but rather that the exercises would.


But I have not noticed any difficulty increase whatsoever, be it exercises or actual content. The issue I have is that the levels feel EXACTLY the same the whole way through instead of a gradual or sudden progression on any kind.


I am asking myself:

Who does the mapping of all short/easy vs longer/more difficult sentences to Crown levels 1-5?

A moderator told me in another thread (I can link later if I find it again) that course contributors have no influence on that.

How has the system previously filtered out longer and more difficult sentences for the web portal and typing vs app tapping vs multiple-choice?

And what have been the actions that staff / programmers have taken to correctly re-map the old sentence sentence system (with turning filters OFF) to "Skill crown levels"?

I would not expect that course contributors added many longer and much more difficult sentences to the course trees in the last months, only because of the BETA A/B Crown tests (which launched before on Android)?!?

So the DB is probably the same - but the "configuration" must have changed somehow...

Maybe a bug?


May I assume that you created your Duolingo account before the update, as some of us (like me) are confused over what will happen to our current accounts. May you please answer these questions I have: what level were all the skills you did? Were they all at level 1? Were they all at level 5? Were their level dependant on how much was already done in that skill? Do skills weaken, and need to be strengthened again?


I had just barely finished my French tree, and I was working on trying to gold it. Towards the top of my tree, almost everything is level 3, except for Basics 2. I don't know why. Towards the middle of my tree, things are all over the place, and towards the end they are mostly level 1, except for past subjunctive, which I had just strengthened, I think. It loosely (emphasis on loosely) matched up with how strong those skills were, like do they weaken quickly, were they weak at the time, etc.

Long story short, levels 1-3, with a little bit of method and a little bit of madness. Feel free to ask me any other questions!

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