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no speaking exercises available in web version on a phone? only chrome browser on PC works.

no speaking exercises available in web version if you run it on a phone? On PC, at least chrome browser works. On the phone, I haven't seen any browser works.

I like to use the browser version as it seems giving me more hard questions, and it asks you to do translations from scratch. On the mobile apps, the questions seem easier, and instead of asking to type up the entire translation yourself it offers words for you to choose from to assembly a sentence. Personally I think the web version is way better. Well the downside is, sadly i haven't found a web version on phone that gives me speaking exercises.

March 27, 2018



Please move this discussion to Troubleshooting, don't create a new post just move this one.


How do I move it?


Have you tried using the Chrome browser app on your phone?

Last year Duolingo changed from using Flash code for speaking exercises to using a new web based API and a lot of the older browsers don’t support the API yet.


Yes I have tried using the chrome browser app on my phone, it doesn’t work for me, same as other browsers. It only works for me in chrome browser on pc.

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