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How do I get to Level 13? I am stuck.

March 27, 2018



You currently have 4,355 XP and need 545 more XP to reach level 13. So after you do the 545 XP (lessons, stories, review etc.) you will get to level 13. Hope this helps! You're not too far, keep on learning and you will get there!


Following the advice of Shooked below, I am re-doing exercises. I found that I did not do well on this level on the first go-around, even though I passed the checkpoints.


I forgot to say thank you.


How do you mean? I /just/ leveled up to Level 12 in Italian, and as far as I can tell you'll level up to 13 automatically once you have 4000 XP.


As I am typing this, you currently need 545 XP to level your French up to 13. You can check your progress by going to your profile page.

You're not too far. Just keep the grind going.


So, is there someplace for me to click to get to those extra points? I am lost.


Just keep on doing/re-doing lessons so you can get those required XP points for you to level up to French 13.

You can also do Timed Practice. You earn a pretty good amount of XP on Timed Practice if you consecutively get the right answers.


Thank you so much!


Please check this website out: duolingo.eu/MmeMAS, it will tell you exactly how much more XP you need to reach the next level.


Keep going... never stop... study every day! You need to have a goal.. what is your goal? 300XP per day? 500 XP per day? 1000 XP per day? what is your goal? If you have goals, you will be motivated to achieve it Carry on studying!


You don't use the app? I'm going through the french tree using the app on my phone. I'm closing in on lv. 17, and I still have around 20% of the tree left to do, and tons of review, as I am not past level 3 on most of the lessons.

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